Trust Lockdown

Vighter’s Trust Lockdown (TM) is not anti-virus, AI, machine learning, etc… We offer a scalable application control software product, whereby our kernel driver intercepts the loading of all executable components and scripts and identifies them by multiple cyber-metric fingerprints. If the scripts or executables have been trusted, they run. If not trusted, they are blocked.

Vighter’s Trust Lockdown (TM) effectively implements the number one type of breach prevention solution recommended by US-CERT, Australia, Canada, AIG, SANS, ISA, and NACD. Vighter’s Cloud Security’s technology introduces a novel approach to cybersecurity called “Trusted Apps,” offering a simple, quick, and efficient means of trusting apps you want to run while denying execution of apps and scripts you do not want or intend to run.

The Trust Lockdown (TM) solution blocks ALL executable and scripted malware, effectively inoculates users against RansomWare/Cryptolocker attacks, and represents a paradigm-shifting departure from traditional antivirus blacklisting and whitelisting.